Air France 777-300ER


It would be nice to have full air france livery for the 777-300er and not only the sky team version. If this topic is already somewhere here then sorry and post me a link,thank you.

Boeing 777 Family Rework

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It´s subjective, I like the classic one more.


I don’t like the SkyTeam livery, the classic one is much better.
Would be a great addition!


Yes, yes and yes! Lovely idea, would be awesome! Hopefully we will have the 777-300ER with the AF livery :) I always think about that when I see the AF 777-300ER with the SkyTeam livery.



Hope it will come with some 777 series update.


Agree with This Comment, I Just Imagined about this and coincidentally someone requests this. I don’t say the Skyteam Livery is ugly but I Think Air France’s Livery is better 😉


We prefer bare rather than covered.


I like skyteam


It can come with the revamp together in one update.


The skyteam livery is good. But the grey colour is not very nice looking (sorry for American Airlines old livery fan!)
Air France’s pure white fuselage, with a modern and very good looking logo gives it a great look! The tail with France’s coulour looks awesome: clean, professional, extremly good looking!

Hope to get it soon on IF!


looking forward to it, so I can get the 777-300er (first plane I’ve ever flown in) and Air France was its first customer


I liked the idea at first but now realized there IS a 777-200ER Air France in IF so yeah.


yes , so there is Alaska airlines 737-800 and 737-900 so why not


And the Swiss livery on the B77W too ;)



I don’t Know Why I’m so Happy to see This Livery


because its simple and nice :)


vote for this nice livery