Air France 777-228ER (Old livery)

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I’m back with features request. Since many liveries are confirmed on the 777-200ER, why not have the old livery of Air France too?

About the aircraft:

The aircraft is a 18 years and 7 months Boeing 777-200ER which is operated with Air France.
It was delivered to the airline on October 19th, 2001.
Serial number is 28 683.
Registration is F-GSPR.

What is Air France?

Air France is the national airline of France which is based in airports of CDG and ORY.
It was founded in 1933, it is one of the oldest airline in the world…

Why I would like to see this in IF.

The old AF livery is a nice livery.

If it’s an addition yes but not replacing the current one by this one 😰. As a French citizen my self… the new one is better and clearly show the French elegance


First thing that came to my mind lol

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the 767 has the old livery

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This is the second time that I forgot that the old livery is on the 767 and DC-10, lol.
Thanks for remaining me of that!


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