AIR FRANCE 747 in TNCM: LDG and T/O in 97 Knots crosswind!

They landed directly at the parking position and also took off from there.

The landing :

I can’t see the video

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The videos don’t seem to be loading for me…


Me either not loading

ok let me check on this.Sorry for the inconv.

Can you copy and paste the link, does this work ?
It is google drive, when i copied the link and paste it in the browser it worked for me… not sure why the direct link is not working .

Hi there! Please make sure you take a close look at the guidelines for this category, no more than 10 pictures or 1 video is allowed per topic :)

Try uploading the videos to Discord and copying the links here.

Oh sorry just one video per topic got it !Will Change it

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Why would you takeoff in CAT 1 Hurricane force wind ?

Its funny in the preview the video is visible . Can a mod close the topic please until i figured out why it is not playing?

Thank you