Air France 747-200

Air France is a French Airline. It was founded in 1933 and is still running. Based in CDG and Orly, it’s subsidiaries are HOP, Joon and Transavia France. Serving 201 destinations with 212 aircraft, it has an alliance with KLM and is part of Skyteam!

The 747-200 is a Boeing aircraft. It can carry a maximum of 480 passengers, and a crew of 3 at a 6,957 NM range. It’s top speed is 523 knots and has a service ceiling of 45,100 feet. It is 70M long and has a wing span of 59M. It’s first flight was in 1970 and it is discontinued.

Air France landing at Maho Beach

Credit: Chris Kilroy

Wow, it’s so beautiful.

Should we have this as a rework, because then we’ll probably get the livery as well as a reworked plane😉

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As @Latvia said, this might need to wait for the rework, as these types of engines don’t exist on IF’s 747-200.

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