Air France 688 (LFPG - KATL) 77W

Today i decided to DO something so i flew a Air France 777 on route from Paris to Atlanta a route the aircraft actually flies i got some pictures from it so yea really i just hope this ain’t wrong

Flight info
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Flight time: 9hrs 45mins
Server: Expert

1: Sitting at the gate Boarding passengers
2: Pushing back with @Sovereign_Gaming in a Air France 77W in the background 3: Taxing to Runway 08L with a Air Austral A380 holding short 4: Taking off on runway 08L 5: Cruising towards the united states 6: Hartsfield airport about to get eaten by the engine 7: On very short final to runway 9L 8: Greasing the landing for the first time in my life 9: Taxing to the gate
10: Arriving at the gate and unloading passengers

i have done this around three times (counting this one) and the first two times i got it wrong this one seems right to me and i hope it is and if you like it then give it a like if ya dont like it tell me what i did wrong and i will fix it.


Hey @Qatari777YT!
That looks like a really fun flight but unfortunately photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 all have Airport names showing. This violates the Screenshots and Videos rules. If you want to know what the rules are you can look here.

Airport names are considered HUD views.
To fix it, go into your settings, then uncheck the fourth box (airport names).
You can go into replay mode in the app and retake the photos.

Other than this the topic is fine. Thank you for understanding.

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I did this flight in IF a while ago also they used to use the A380 but now thats gone.

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