Air Force Two at KGYH

Hey Y’all! Today I spotted Air Force Two carrying The United States Vice President, Mike Pence! It touched down shortly after 3:30, right as I was told to move behind the gate by the secret service, because of the VIP arrival. Anyways, here are some photos of 80001, this modified Boeing 757 which is a C-32A. Also threw in a C-130 picture at the end for y’all!


Always love to see AF2!

Great pics!

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Preciate it

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Love the C130 picture. Those planes are from Little Rock Air Force Bass.


Nice! They parked on what we call the “Charlie Charlie Ramp” which is near the Lockheed C130 Maintenance center, and they are building the F16V there right now.

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The best part was that as they were on short final, the event that was at one of FBO’s started to play danger zone!

Never knew there was more than one

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There is: Avserve, which is where I was at. Donaldson Jet Center, which is where the event was. Then Stevens Aviation which has a big maintenance facility for NetJets.

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Ayeee! I got to see Air Force Two (C-32) carrying Pence yesterday at KFNT! I got some pics as well. I also saw the USAF C-17 Globemaster III carrying all of the vehicles and campaign equipment.

Yes, these were shot on an iPhone. Don’t complain about the quality.


Ohhh nice! It’s such a beautiful airplane to see! @DetroitAviationHD

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