Air Force Trainer - Beechcraft T-6II

My company flies a lot of clients who work for a couple of major Oil and Gas companies which usually has us flying all over Texas (mainly west Texas). This trip had us going to Midland, Tx and during our wait we ran into a couple of Air Force guys. One was an instructor and the other student who will soon be in ground school to fly the C130 (lucky man) and the instructor accepted his job offer at FedEx (lucky as well)

Anyways, long story short, we started to talk and we gave them a tour of our plane and they gave us a tour of theirs.

I must say, I was pretty jealous. So much power in a small frame 👌🏾They were just done doing some pattern work which seemed like for hours. Take off. Go vertical to pattern alt. Hard right (over 50 degs) 200kts on downwind hard right and drive to a low approach and go missed. Over and over again. Practice makes perfect, correct?

Here is a small snip it of the plane they were in. I asked the instructor’s permission to post this online and he said he was okay for it. So just sharing it to you guys for those interested going the military route. This will be one of the trainers you will be in.




No matter what route you pick, study and enjoy each moment. Millions of kids dream of being a pilot, you have an opportunity to live that dream. It’s a blessing that should not be taken for granted. 🛩️


We need more kids to dream of being a pilot. I don’t want pilot shortages to affect airlines.

Aviation is just beautiful! :D


The “shortage” in mailine will be okay. With the help of flow through programs in the regional side it should cover. The issue will be at the regional level where everyone would be leaving. They will have to up pay and benefits to keep the pilots a tad longer.

Aviation being aviation, who knows what will happen tomorrow 😂😂

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It’s not exactly affordable for many, if they can fix that in any way you will likely see more pilots.

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I blame that on two things. Need and pilots willing to undercut.

Right now the need is big so a regional pilot is making okay money 50-80k depending on airline. But the 80k issnt much when you get a base like LGA or JFK when 20k goes to rent per year. The pay definitely needs to go up and it will. It’s just a matter of time before mgt thinks pilots as equal and work with us.

As pilots and I hate to say, we always under cut each other.

Hey Mr Smith we can pay you 60k for this job.

Mr Johnson comes in and tells the recruiter he will do it for 30k. This happens way too often and that’s part of the reason was so low. If regional pilots are willing to fly for 18k a year based out of NYC why should they pay us more. If we as pilots come together and set the bar and work with the companies we can come to a decent agreement.

Just my two cents.

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I mean if you want, why not put it in Features? I mean you don’t have to, but it could give a small chance that this plane is implemented into the game!

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