Air Force One Shenanigans: Base to Base!

1) Background to the photos
Today, I took a trip aboard Air Force One from Albuquerque to Joint Base San Antonio. The adventure is just beginning!
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 1300Z, KABQ to KSKF
3) Photos

After a great sunrise takeoff, I am on my way to the Alamo!

Raton Pass and Santa Fé are in the distance as I climb into the desert.

Welcome to the dunes of west Texas!

I see the lights of San Antonio!

That’s our runway!


After an hour of fun, we have made it to Joint Base San Antonio!

Be sure to tell me which picture is your favorite in the comments!


Nice photos!

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Great angles, I love it!

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nice shots, the first one is my favorite

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