Air Force One’s New Livery

Recently, President Donald J. Trump announced that there would be changes to the current Air Force One Livery. Now I’m not trying to start a political battle or anything, but in my opinion, it looks much nicer than the current livery.


Should it be kept?

  • Yes, I like it more.
  • No, trash it!

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I personally like the first one, but the second one is great!

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The first livery is WAAAAYYYYYYY better - please bin the new design Trump - it’s not good


The second looks even more retro-ey than the first one

It’s too old-school looking; both are actually terrible.


I heard someone say that Congress was going to approve, so who knows🤷‍♂️

In a good or bad way?

I like it, the Blue bottom, with a red and a white stripe is way better then the robin egg blue and gold. I agree, there could be a few improvements here and there, but I like it better then the current one

That’s what I’m saying. It look more American than…blue. Just blue and white.

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It’s alright I guess, but the old one has become an icon. Besides, the new one looks retro, but not, know what I mean?

Is retro good?

I don’t think so, but still making up my mind?

Let’s keep the politics out of here. Of course, it’s interesting to discuss, but the IFC is hardly the place for a healthy political debate 😊

Back to the livery: Personally, I prefer the new one. I like the color scheme, the font, and basically the whole concept. But it’s up to our American friends to decide. It’s the plane of their presidents. It represents them. Looking forward to see what the final decision will be. Both liveries are unique.


And I believe this is only one of the concepts that are to come from him, so who knows what’s next!

I think it’s best to keep a government aircraft simple and recognizable. The new livery looks much more authoritative, which is a good thing I suppose.

I think they should kept the standard Air Force One’s new livery once the 747-8s are delivered.
The Air Force One’s new livery is really similar to the livery of the prototype 747-100, so the livery’s style of Air Force One has to be different from other operators.

There’s just something about the blues that make the plans iconic. The new design that Trump has proposed removed both of the classic blues, and I have to say I don’t really like it at all. Surely they could’ve created something better.

I kind of agree with that, yeah.

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Looking at the new design, this comes immediately into mind:


The vintage 747 Garuda Indonesia livery, seen here at Zurich airport, May 1985.

(pic courtesy of by Eduard Marmet)


I wouldn’t mind seeing some red in there, but atleast from the image neither the red or blue in the new one is from the flag, so it would be nice to see that happen…

I said this before this proposal is as close to the BA retro as you can get. The reason behind lighter colors historically for diplomatic aircraft is to distinguish them peaceful not so aggressive. This is to give the impression of diplomacy not aggression to other cultures that view certain colors as meaningful to intention. The new livery just screams aggression which overall may have negative impact on future diplomatic missions. The old livery needs to remain unless a comparable livery depicting diplomacy rather than aggression.


It looks very retro I prefer the old livery. The project of the new Air Force one is about 3.1 billion

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