Air Force One Refuel (Help!)

Date On Station: 20OCT2019

Expected Time on Station: from VHHH to KADW

Server: Casual

Anchor Waypoint: I don’t know first time trying this

Area: Geographical area of operation- close to UIAR, UEMO

Tanker Callsign

Flight Level: 350

Please help. I need fuel.

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Hello, please post this in this thread with the required information:


You posted earlier today when you took off and was asked to post on the refueling thread…!

When do you need help

I thought this was the right place. You going to put me in jail for making a mistake?

No just trying to help…

No one is trying to put you in jail. What to do has been posted above, and you should post it in the thread I linked above.

End of story.

No… Story just begin…How to post on the thread… I already know the format.

Well no. But there’s a thread as tagged by @AlphaSeven and was also tagged in the thread you made earlier. It’s an unnecessary post on the forum. And furthermore if you can’t get someone, how about you divert land somewhere get fuel and continue on your way so…


That’s a great idea. Thank you. Why I did not think of that. 🤔