Air Force One (President Donald Trump) coming to Manchester, NH on March 19, 2018

For anyone on here who is a local New Englander, President Donald Trump will make two visits into Manchester, NH!
Air Force One will land around noontime at KMHT, and I am sure everyone will be there to see the airplane, which is a Modified Boeing 747-200B, also known as the Boeing VC-25 of the 89th Presidential Airlift wing.

Of course, this Aircraft will soon be replaced by the new Boeing 747-8i. It’s rare to see AF1, so this is finally my chance to see Air Force One come into Manchester!
Obviously, AF1 has come here before many times, but I have never had seen it, so now i’ll finally be able to see it in person, and also see the Globemaster III at MHT unloading the Convoy for the President.

Anyone who wants to meet up can PM me, as I will be at the airport early to catch the Early Departures before the big event.
I will be there early because I don’t want to be there when everyone is there. Hope to see fellow community members there!



Air Force one seen landing at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in October of 2012


If I wasn’t stuck at work I’d totally fly down for the event! Would be worth it to witness a rare AF1 sighting with fellow IFC members.


Ask to move the day to another day. I have that day off Thank goodness!
I also have my Nikon Coolpix B500 ready, as well as my tripod. It’s supposed to be a cloudy day on Monday :)

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I would but unfortunately my work schedule isn’t that flexible (2 week shifts in the oil patch)

Enjoy it! I’ve seen AF1 twice, both times with Obama. Enjoy it!


I’ll set an alarm. Hope to be at the airport around 9am via Uber My wallet hates me for spending so much money on Uber

I’ve seen both the planes. A cool sight! Have fun and remember to report back.

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I forgot to mention, this’ll be my first time seeing an older Boeing 747 :) I have seen the Boeing 747-400 when I was at MIA when I was younger. I have yet to see the Boeing 747-8i though

Good luck and have fun!

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Hopefully this mean KPBI and KLTN FLTOPS will be unrestricted this weekend. Enjoy the visit!

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I don’t get your statement, but yes, I will enjoy it if I can get up on time lol

When the President is at his golf course in FL… KPBI is Under a nice restriction called a TFR. No unscheduled “non commerical” Flights. (Sucks).

It happens all them time in NJ too.

Meaning that us private pilots have to go 40+ miles to go fly (if we fly at all)


That should be existing

Oh yeah. Air Force one is a moving TFR when flying. I wonder why they stop flights at airports when AF1 is coming

An FBO at KLTN is just about bankrupt. Been in business for decades.

Someone make this an event please.

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I would like to, but i’ll be at the airport when the event happens

Have fun! This is definitely a rare occasion and occurrence to see. I’ve personally been able to see from above.

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if anyone is interested, I made an Event

Tomorrow is the Day!

Any New Englander wishing to see AF1, come on down to the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire, where you will get a great view of the Runway, Taxiway, and Tower!

Where: Aviation Museum of New Hampshire
Time: 10-11am
Day: Monday, March 18, 2018
Arrival Time: Around Noon time

NOTAM: This can change without notice. Check ATIS to make sure Runway 17-35 is in use via LiveATC

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