Air Force One / POTUS in Orange County

POTUS visited Orange County yesterday for lunch. He and the First Lady flew to SNA on a C-32


Dont POTUS usually fly the B747? Thought the B757 (I think it is) was only for VP or senators etc?

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I assume that SNA doesn’t have a long enough runway for the 747, so they used their C-32, which also serves as Air Force One when the President is on it. The only thing that denotes AF1 from AF2 is who is on board, if the President is on the aircraft, it is AF1. If the VP is on it, then it is AF2. The VP could be on the 747, and it would still be AF2, and vice versa with the President.


Some nice pictures, especially the second and last one!
Interesting to see the B757/C-32 around. Thanks for sharing!

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Very cool! I got some pictures too, but only 1 was good enough to be used 😂
That takeoff roll sure took forever though

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He flew to Reno after and saw him takeoff

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Yeah I would not expect a VC25 (747) at KSNA although it would be a once in a life time spotting opportunity.

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