Air Force One of Israel

After 3 years Stay in Israel Aerospace Industry went out for Running motors An airplane is Boeing 767-300 It belongs to Qantas VH-OGV The aircraft will fly the Israeli Prime Minister And President of the State of Israel For trips outside Israel The registration of the aircraft 4X-ISR The state-owned aircraft, IAI said, contains sophisticated technological systems designed and assembled by the company to enable reliable service for decades to come.

It is also equipped with sophisticated and encrypted communication systems, enabling confidential conversations with contacts in Israel or with international leaders. The aircraft, IAI said, is capable of flying non-stop to China and Japan in the East or the United States and Brazil in the West.


That’s a great livery!

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That actually looks pretty neat

similar to aerlĂ­neas Argentina livery


Very, very similar The only connection I find In 1970, Israel’s atmosphere industry sold Mizra 3 to Argentina But apparently it’s not at all related


El Al’s First+ Class

Looks beautiful! Israel is a beautiful country.


See, the 767 isn’t dead! yet


I miss these beautiful birds flying with the Qantas livery. But I’m glad to see it’s still flying! :)

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