Air Force One Livery

Air Force One is not an actual plane, but a call sign used by any air force plane that has the president on it. So calling the livery on the VC-25 “Air Force One” is not correct. I would recommend calling the livery just Air Force.


Yes since it’s an Air Force plane and the plane the actual president uses

But Air Force One is a Callsign used only when hes on the plane

Well you can pretend he’s on the plane. It’s not possible to actually get him on a virtual plane so this is where your childhood imagination kicks in

Omitting the “One” and simply call the livery “Air Force” would be more correct.


That’s what I was saying. I think that that would be the realistic solution. :)

I agree with this, because sometimes the vice president flys on the VC-25, and the callsign would be Air Force Two.

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The aircraft selection is accurately represented, but also includes the vernacular Air Force One to also make it clear to those unaware that the VC-25 actually is also or can be Air Force One.


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