Air Force One going to Orlando

Today when I was watching the news, it said that Air Force One was coming to Orlando. After that, I remembered that all military flights are blocked on FR24. So how did you track Air Force One when it came to your airport?


Well, last year in the Summit of the Americas hosted in Panama, I don’t remember that all flight trackers didn’t showed the AF1, I think that they did. It was the plane that all Panamanian plane spotters where waiting for! LOL :) And why the Air Force One is going to Orlando, because of the attack to the bar?

Yes it is.

I’ll probably just end up staying at the airport all day until I see it. Did C-17s and C-5s go too?

Lucky ducky! When he came to Lousiville I saw his limo and speech on TV. I wanted to see AF1 but the takeoff/landing wasn’t open to the public. They had everywhere you could spy blocked and secure. I saw his C-17 land, but I think for safety reasons he landed and took off in the other direction, away from the populated areas!

Where Panama? Yes, I remember a few Osprey aircrafts and some Blackhawk helicopters flying over the city, training to protect the president during he’s stay during the summit. And a C-17 arrived with “The Beast” LOL :)

Also the USS Ranger parked in the bay of Panama, that cause sensation in the population, but then the authorities informed that the ship was actually out of service and it was going to be scrapped in Texas, the ship was about to go thru the Panama Canal, but it was like kind of big to go there, so they went south.

I know he has a C17 with him for the secret service, but it normally arrives a day or two ahead from what I’ve heard. No C5 I don’t think.

Lucky! Maybe one day I may be able to spot AF1 :P

I saw one yesterday but I forgot to bring my camera.

I’ve seen AF1 maybe five years ago and I took a pic! ;)

I saw AF1 way back in the day when I lived at Ramstein. I was pretty young and a friend and I got as close as we could to the flight line to check it out. This was way before camera phone days and such or I would have taken some pictures. We had binoculars and actually ended up seeing a sniper up on top of one of the hangars and got him to wave at us!

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Doesn’t the AF1 land only on military bases if able?

Ramstein is an air force base in Germany.

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That’s what I thought.

true, i saw a the name leave bne today, i went to FT24 but it was blocked

I got a picture of it! I’ll upload the pictures later.

Got to see AF1 approaching Brookley Field here in Mobile right after hurricane Katrina. Watched from the interstate as secret service/police had the entire interstate shut down

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