Air Force One Fuel

Hi IFC, I wanted to ask a question about fuel on Air Force One. When you load into the sim with the aircraft and look at weight at balance in the fuel tanks section, the maximum amount of fuel that can be held allows for estimated flight time of 10 hours and 34 minutes. Is this accurate? I would have thought that Air Force One could fly for a lot longer than that. Please let me know.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you exactly. All I know is that Air Force One is coming back to America from anywhere on earth.

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Did some research, the maximum fuel for the VC-25 (AF1) is 53,611 gallons (203,129 L). If that’s consistent with what’s in IF then yes I’d say that estimate is correct. Source was the Boeing Website.

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Thanks for responding. That’s really interesting, never would I have thought that ten and a half hours was the maximum flight time for this aircraft.

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It also has air-to-air refueling capabilities.


Keep in mind it also has Aerial Refuelling Capability (and this is replicated in IF) so technically its range is only limited by the availability of a tanker like the KC10.

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