Air Force One flight with F-22 at LAX at 2:20 EST

All F-22 park at Japan airlines 2 parking spot we will go from LAX to San Clementaue to San Diego toward Palm Springs back to LAX

Wat does this even mean

Please make your titles as simple and concise as possible. :)

The title is a sentence and please shorten the title so it will be cleared and understandable

Ok sorry about that

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Are you coming please come

Changed it

Nicely done buddy

Thanks so mich

Much sorry

Are you coming

@Powerful_Powerful. MaxSez: Welcome aboard my young friend. Take a few minutes and read the format and rules for posting an “Event” on the Forum. Your input is always welcome and you’ll always get warm reception if you follow the rules. Regards, Max

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What do you mean

Thanks dude

MaxSez: upper left you’ll find a “Category” Drop Down. Move the subject line to “Live” Sub Category “Event”. A Format if required and explanation of the category’s purpose is clearly defined. Hope this answers your general inquiry.

when is this happening?

Is this an event? If it is you need to edit your post again.

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