Air Force One flight of 4

Welcomed a new reworked C-32 to Air Force family, so here are some photos!

KBFI(Boeing Field) - KPDX(Portland)

1,Departing Boeing Filed

2, meeting in the sky

3, Mount Rainier

4, Close up a reworked C-32

5, Cruising at FL120

6, Mount Adams


Rework the 747 and it’s perfect! 😍


Wow! That looks amazing! πŸ‘ Very πŸ‘ Nice πŸ‘ Photos! πŸ‘


wow thaats amazing

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good picture

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Nice, clean formation. Everyone seems to be in place and perfectly spaced out.

Awesome work on that formation, and awesome photos!

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Thanks guys!
Planning on doing another formation flight with Infinite Flight livery in the holiday season.

Very Nice Formation