Air force one escorting EDITED #live:groupflights

Our route will be joint base Andrews to KDAL ill post ten minutes prior to takeoff be sure to check around 1:00 central time #live:groupflights comment which plane you’ll fly except air force one and it has to be a fighter jet, and your flight name make your flight name air force I will be air force 1 land for fuel when necessary takeoff now

yes, it is a group event

TL2 only relates to #live:events and not #live:groupflights. Please re-read the info thread again.

To keep it clear and remove as much confusion as to the differences between these, we have placed some restrictions on group flight topics. A group flight topic must adhere to the following rules:

  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not affiliated with a VA or VO
  • No assigning of gates or pilot slots

All other flights will be considered as events. Please keep them to the #live:events category. These events are still reserved for TL2 members. All members can post group flights .

@MYS101, welcome to the community.

Are you simply announcing that you are flying, or are you looking for others to join you? If you are looking for others to join you on a quick upcoming flight, those are considered #live:groupflights and can be posted in that category. There is an information thread that was linked above to show you the format and rules for using that category.

If you are scheduling something that is more than 3 hours in the future and is more organized with gates and such, those are considered #live:events. You need to be a little more active in the community to build up your trust rating to post an event.

Hope this helps.

This is not the way to welcome a new member to the community people. Be as helpful as possible.


Sorry for the confusion mate, welcome to the IFC! I’d come along but I’ve got to go out soon. Enjoy the event!

Welcome to the community mate!
Hope u enjoy it as much as I do… if u need help or anything don’t hesitate to ask me