Air Force One Escort

We escorted the Air Force One out of KNUC. The president was on vacation and now he needs to fly back to DC.


This escort was successfully carried out by IFES, Infinite Flight Escort Service.

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Looks like airforce one had all of its flaps down

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how did you do this?

I had it only at 25° when I took off

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Yeah it’s a bit overkill

@Rotate @Owen_Lewis thanks for telling me.

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Good work and I want to reach your level since I have been joined. Let me know if you do it in the near future:)

We do this kind of thing every day. It’s really fun.


Ya, it is great.

Normally I use 15 flaps

mass escort inbound. 5 fighter jets surrounding the AF jet. Would look so cool. maybe new thumbnail for IF


What airport is this at?

Where is this at?

It is at KNUC, San Clemente.

That would be really cool, we should try to set that up with the others.

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We should try that!