Air Force One Escort w/ Viper 16

Background • After a random escort on a plane I was flying, I posted pictures into the community page; in the hope of finding and thanking the person. He later came forward and said he was down to fly anytime, this is me and @T4ir5ty on a formation flight. I would like to thank him again for taking his time off on the flight and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.
While I was approaching San Francisco, I realized the runway I had set up for my approach was labled red, so I had to switch the landing runway from 28L to 10R. However, It did not have ILS, so I was forced to land VFR at night, an added challenge, but It was somehow the most butter landing I did in a while. I’m sure Mr. President was impressed :)

Date and Info: February 1st, 2021; Casual Server; 1:06 Flight Time; KLAX > KSFO; @T4ir5ty as Viper 16 (Escort F-16), Me as Air Force 1 Heavy (Boeing VC-25)



That’s a nice and clean escort you got there, good job @T4ir5ty!

And great photos @aecaptain!

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Haha yes, he’s really good with formations, and thank you!

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Always a pleasure for sure. You are a very good pilot. You make it very easy to escort. Hit me up anytime you want to fly near or far.

Thank you. I had tons of help from the guys from 77th Squadron. I owe all my success to them. Had I not joined GAF I’d probably still be trying to learn how to do patterns. Like what is a pattern jk jk downwind crosswind etc etc.

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