Air Force One Escort Screenstots


Was this at KLAX?

KEDW-KLAX you were my controller but you left before i landed. I had to do a go around

Yeah sorry I was forced to leave, I thought I would leave it to Unicom since my controlling was going downhill.

Oh ok then. It wasnt bad though.

Where’s my closes aboard pass? Max

I didnt post all of them yet, im doing this on my phone. Infinite flight hates my ipad

Don’t worry SkyHawk I came in and took over KLAX Tower for a bit after you left although It was hectic!

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Thanks! It’s a bit annoying since KLGB is always really quiet and there’s nothing to do, but then KLAX is always super busy! Plus I wish people would do pattern work at a smaller airport. I often tell them ‘No Pattern Work’ but then I have a request for takeoff remaining in the pattern, and there isn’t really an option to deny a pattern takeoff request. To be honest if I did as well they probably wouldn’t understand!! Most of the pattern takeof requests aren’t to remain in pattern anyway!

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I had to rush between ATC’s haha I was at the Takeoff Airport for 3hrs and saw you were at KLAX but came over to observe and then had to take over… I have some photos from yesterday which I will upload now :smile:

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If you are observing and someone leaves, do you automatically take over?

Well actually I don’t know, I think you do but I was actually on Socal Approach but I realised that the Airport was busy so I was going to take some of the Tower load