Air Force One Escort [All vacancies taken] @ KLAX - 051300ZAUG17

I have added you in!

I have added you in!!

Thanks man.

Zeke Worst

Your most welcome!Have you been invited to the chat?

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Ok, thank and have a nice day for you!!!🚁✈🚀

When are we going to start this formation thing because i am waiting at quantas gate 05 already ???

Um sir,the event starts at 1300 Zulu

You mean like 1o clock ish

1300Z is in 2 hours 53 minutes

Which country are you in?

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Please give me ur country so i can calculate the time

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In south africa!!!

Oh nice!Some south africans came to my school this week for a musical production

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For you,the event starts at 15:00 Southh Africa timing.

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Ok thanks for telling me that ,i ippritiat it to be realy cool!!!

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Can I join plz if I can I’ll be in an f-22

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Just note that event starts in 1hour10mins

Current time is 11:50 Zulu

Sorry mate,its all full already

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