Air Force One at Sunset! @KMGE

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another one of my spotting topics! This is now my fourth splitting topic of Air Force One from within this past year and these shots are by far my best! So without further ado here they are!

To start us off here is Marine One on final into Dobbins bringing in President Biden to board Air Force One!

Here is a closeup of one of the Presidential Ospreys (Owned by the Marines) and then a shot of all three landing at sunset!

Next, the main star of the show, here is Air Force One moments before takeoff while it was back taxiing and a shot of it taking off into the sunset!

And finally, here is a McChord AFB C17 landing at sunset coming in to pick some stuff up after the presidents trip!

Thanks for stopping by! As always, none of my work is free to use, you must contact me for permission.

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These are absolutely awesome! I hope you can make more topics like this in the future!

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Thank you!

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Just realized I forgot to share my photo of the rare super pink moon the other night! Was gonna put it as a drop down extra on the original post so here it is!



Honestly as cool as AF1 is I think Marine 1 is my favorite.

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It is pretty cool!

These came out so good. How lucky to see all that. Never seen that osprey Livery … nice

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I hadn’t seen it either before the past few times I’ve seen AF1!

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Nice photos


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