Air Force One at Dallas

Trump has a rally in Dallas on October 17 at 7 PM. I might try to catch AF1. Does anyone have any estimations to when it will arrive?


Check the notams. When the airspace is closed, he’s coming.

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This can’t go in #real-world-aviation:spotting because you didn’t post any photos. This goes in #real-world-aviation and if you check his online schedule it tells you what time he departs and arrives at airports

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Will this be DAL or DFW?

I’m sure it will be KDAL. It’s where AF1 has gone before, and DFW is too busy to be shut down.


Can you send me the link please?

Just search up President Trumps Public Calendwr


It could go to AFW

Never has, I doubt it ever will. Too far.

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How close do you think i could get

Oh, so that’s why there was a NOTAM in Texas, it said VIP

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Go there early morning, stay till midnight, the only way you know the time…

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Good advice but I can’t drive yet soo my Mom isn’t gonna let me do that


What if you Uber 🤯

If he can’t drive yet it’sa reasonable assumption he’s probably under 18… 😉


But you can still use a Uber with parent permission

According to under you need to have someone over 18 with you

Yeah and I’m not Ubering

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