Air Force One, and Marine One photos

A little while back, when POTUS Joe Biden visited New York, I drove down to Hamilton beach, (a plane spotting favorite of mine), in which shadows 13 Right. I missed the arrival of Air Force one, but I did catch a glimpse of Marine One, and its fellow HMX-1 helicopters escorting it, to Manhattan. I was busy the rest of the day, so I couldn’t catch the flight back to JFK. But I did drive back to the spot to see if I can catch them anyways. I sat there in my car for what seemed like forever, and then, finally, I heard the amazing roar of the Vc-25A. Living near Jfk, I’m used to hearing heavies. But when I was little, the 747-200 was already gone. Seeing this beautiful aircraft, with all its features, left me starstruck. I almost forgot to take a pictures. (That’s why the pic of Air Force one is from behind lol)

Anyways, here is the pictures of marine one and it’s squadron, and Air Force one. (Had to reply some bc can’t fit all on this post


P.s. the Nypd helicopter was on standby at a very low altitude! I think flight radar said 105!


Soooo beautiful—— keep doing ur amazing job showing this awesome photos to us

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