Air Force Group Flight @KMDA-022400ZFEB19

  • Air Force:


  • Today at 2400Z:

  • Expert Server:

  • Hey guys, I am doing a Air Force flight this evening from David-Monthan AFB to Edwards AFB if anyone wants to join! Bring any aircraft that has an Air Force livery and we will be leaving 10 minutes after the start time. There is no flight plan so feel free to fly the route however you want:

Starting time:
4:00 pm Pacific
5:00pm Mountain
6:00pm Central
7:00pm Eastern

Hey there!

Please format your title correctly.


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I’ve gone ahead and fixed the title for you. Make sure to refer what @Kacey said before me. Thanks!


Sorry still new at this and fixing the bugs…

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My first title there is correct. Please leave it as is

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It is not Feb. 19 though. Its today in 15 mins

19 refers to the year.
The day is the first 2 numbers
To break it down
Second day 2400 Zulu February 2019

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Ok but zulu time is wrong

2400Z is 5:00pm MT

I’ve put it in as 2400. That is correct no?
I live in mountain so I do know my mountain to Zulu conversions

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Oh I see 02 (day) 2400 (time)

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02 as in day, 2400 as in Zulu, feb as in February, 19 as in year
Yes you have it correct


Ok got it. Still learning correct way to put that down.

Don’t worry. You’ll learn eventually! It took me a bit before I could get it right, too.


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