Air Force Callsigns

Hi! I wanna know what’s callsign uses B757(C32) and B737(C40) Air Force 2 or 3? or 4?
Pls let me know!

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I think the 757 uses Air Force 2. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the 737. But I’m not exactly sure about the 757 either.

„Air Force“ and a single digit number is a mission based Callsign.
Most Airforces use a wide variety of mission based Callsign. iIt is like a flightnumber for a civil aircraft not bound to a specific aircraft.
Vice versa military aircraft rarely use their registration based Callsign.

they use Marine or Navy? I mean … Navy Two or Marine Two…

Yeah Air Force 2 is B757 but… idk 737…

I think Air Force 2 depends on whether or not the Vice President is on board.

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The Air Force 2 and Air Force 1 callsigns are solely dependent on who’s on board. If any plane carries the president, it’s Air Force 1, and if any plane carries the VP, it’s Air Force 2.


thanks man

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