Air Force Amigos!

Haven’t done a S&V topic in a while.

Today, me, @USA_ATC, and @Aviation108 did a flight from KDEN to KADW flying in each of the 3 US Air Force aircraft to celebrate our country’s 245th birthday, and independence.

The flight was very fun!

Time: 3 hour 15 minutes
Aircraft: 747 VC-25
Server: Expert

The bro’s rollin’ out. Looking smexy as ever.

a heavy rotation out of the mile high city

Gotta love the presidential office views.

A new ally has appeared!!

Aw man Biden left the GoPro on the wing again :/

Banking to final

landing checklist completed.

Killing the presidents back with my -505fpm landing

@USA_ATC ditched us before descent. So just me and @Aviation108 landed along with my beautiful escort!

That’s it for today! God bless America! Here’s to 245 more years!


That was a fun flight, glad we could do it

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Yessir! Thanks for coming!

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Not me having to leave because I gotta go sit and watch people. 🚪🚶‍♂️

Still was fun until the last 23m I had to leave. 🥲


you’re watching children 💀



Aim High, Fly, Fight, Win!

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OMG! I was your controller flying out of Denver! Sorry for the craziness, we had over 50 inbounds arriving at once!

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Sir yes sir!

No worries man!! You provided some excellent services!

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