Air Force 2 // KADW to KLAS

Hello all, me and @ZinZowe are back with another flight but this one is more interesting then usual! We attempted to mimic the Air Force 2 flight done by a C32 and a couple C40’s from Andrews AFB to Las Vegas. This route is basically cross country and takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes.

The Departure out of D.C 🇺🇸

Banking over Dulles

We’re going to skip the entirety of the Great Plains and go straight to the Colorado Rockies 🏔

Since we’re VIP government aircraft, we’re cleared to fly the RNAV 19L approach and LAS. This approach flies over Nellis AFB 🤩

Flying Visually 👀

As ZinZowe barely makes the runway exit on time, I am able to touchdown very smoothly 🧈

ZinZowe deboarding his VIP’s while i’d be deboarding the Madam Vice President ✈️

And just a little poll because why not? And also majority got the answer correct on my last poll!

How many Boeing C-32’s have been made?
  • 6
  • 1
  • 8
  • 2

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Very nice photos KAMMY!



Amazing shots!

  1. How did you depart Andrews
  2. Very nice photos!

LINCN6 Departure is what it’s called I believe. Immediate left turn after departure.

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Happy noises

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Amazing pictures 🙌🏼

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Can I just say the fact that @RTG113 switched this topic to #real-world-aviation:spotting 👁👄👁



Great photos though!

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Nice photos

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Nice photos!!!


Are aircraft usually permitted to fly over military air force bases??

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The approach that I did is a published approach but that one is only used for VIP or Emergency purposes. Otherwise, a regular commercial or executive flight would make a shorter base for 19B.

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