Air force 2 (757) rework and 748 rework

The 757/747-8 Are both great planes in IF but there are some missing stuff
1: 757 Air force 2 design
The livery is perfect but the interior…

2: 747-8
It doesn’t have any cargo doors and it has the nose cargo door but it just sits there, it should at least open
Real pic

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Are you new here? This is not how it works. Make a feature request or vote for it, if one already exists.


Hey there!

These are all great suggestions! Luckily, there a Features topics for the 747-8 exists already. You can vote for it here:

As for the interior of the 757 Air Force 2, you’d have to create a new Features topic - which is only accessible to Trust Level 2 users and above. Keep interacting with members of the community and you’ll get there in no time, allowing you to make feature requests for the things you want most in the simulator!