Air force 1 refuelling.


So, I was about to make a flight from KSEA to RJTY without a stopover,but the aircraft range doesn’t match the distance. So I contacted @Jamie_Firth to Grab a KC-10 And help me.
This is my first ever aerial refuelling and it takes about an hour and a half to fill up.
Did not expect it to be that long!



Great pics there!


Great photos! And enjoy your trip to Yokota!


How do you refuel like that??


@Samivan_911 Look up the tutorials on Infinite Flight’s tutorial topics or channel on YouTube. Since the MD11’s update was pulled out, they showed all the relevant tutorials on how to refuel other aircrafts including fighter jets. Hope this helps.


And more importantly, Get someone to fly the tanker!


Is that a mod?


Not a mod, but a professional pilot that I found.


Was this on expect mode?


You are so lucky to have such a friend to help you




But it dosen’t have to be.


An hour and a half???




If you want to give it a go, either check out the tanker air to air refuelling thread, or make a group flight and ask for KC-10 aircraft to join you to practice A2A refuelling!

Lots of people like to give it a go.