Air Force 1 Range

Why is it that when I fly a flight from the U.A.E. to the U.S., Air Force 1 cannot make the trip without two stops. I was only able to fill the tanks to 3 quarters full due to the weight. But in real life, this plane should be able to make that trip easily nonstop. Right?

The range of the VC-25B is probably classified, though it does make stops while traveling over seas like going to Asia, the VC-25B stops in Anchorage for Fuel.

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You can very easily load the fuel tanks to their full capacity. The passenger and cargo categories are never going to be completely full, so there is zero risk of going over MTOW. But even then, that will only give you about 10.5 hours of flight time.

To my knowledge, on ultra long haul trips Air Force 1 either stops for fuel or is refueled midair.

I was the one who attempted to answer your desperate cry for refueling last night, which I assume is the cause for this topic. You can very easily see (roughly) how many hours of flight time the fuel onboard will give you… if a full tank gives you 10.5 hours of flight time, do not plan a nonstop 12 hour flight — and that is before ETOPS and reserve fuel are taken into account!

I noticed that instead of following a proper route on your flight last night, you simply used airports as waypoints. This is highly unrealistic for an airliner to do. To assist in both your routing and fuel calculations, I highly recommend you create a SimBrief account and use FPL to IF. This is an immensely useful tool that I use for every single flight.

I apologize if I got off topic in this post. I figured that I might as well share it all here rather than in a PM since it is sure to benefit others as well.


@Cessna_Driver Thank you so much! I am learning something new every day and I really appreciate it. While flying Air Force 1 last night, did I do anything wrong during the refueling process?

They Arial reful over Germany

I’m really not sure if the refueling process even worked. Feel free to PM me — we can chat more there. I don’t want to clog up the forums. 🙂

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