Air Force 1 @ KLAS

Hey all! I decided it was a good idea to spot from 6PM to 11PM at night. All to catch this amazing blue 747-200 or VC-25. This livery is gorgeous without including politics. It's a shame that it will be replaced by the 747-8 in the next few years.

Before the POTUS’s arrival from Reno, Nevada, I arrived pretty early to catch a few executives and commercial aircraft.

A bit earlier in the day, I caught a shiny 737-700 Southwest in the Heart livery ❤️💛💙

Arriving In some smoke from California, a Gulfstream 200 owned by Isreal Aviation with an American flag. What a variety of countey 😂

Some glistening sun clouds bring this Alaska E175 into Vegas from Everett!

A Delta 737-900 arrives from Atlanta. Unfortunately, Delta swapped their 757-300s and 767-400s with their 739s so RIP 😒

Not my Photo

I was given permission to share this photo by my friend :)

I tried getting this beast of a C-5 Galaxy with Trump’s motorcade but i arrived a few minutes late for the catch. It parked near Allegiant’s repair hanger where there is little to no parking spaces.

A few hour later, I eat some dinner with my family, and catch AF1.

Please excuse my horrendous night photography

Air Force One with Don on-board arrives from Reno Tahoe. After waiting till 11:20PM, I catch a video of the arrival and snap some shots as it taxiied past me

Thank you for viewing!


All your photos are amazing, don’t worry about the last, it came out perfect, great catches love your camera, love the quality. Keep it up and your awesome ✌🏼


I saw AF! in Reno but couldnt get any pictures of it. i however did make a post about it as a flight school here was able to get some pictures

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Cool @N1DG. That’s beautiful, and @N1DG @Kamryn great spotting, definitely will check your post @N1DG


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