Air Force 1 Design

Before I go to sleep, I wanted to share something about an article I just finished reading. I didn’t know that this was going to happen until after I read it.

Apparently, the United States President Donald J. Trump was cooking up new designs of his own for Air Force 1, instead of letting Boeing continue the slow design of the VC-25B B747-8.


Glorious American tax dollars at work. I do think Air Force One needs a new livery though. Not a big fan of those shades of blue.


Why didn’t they just select the 777x for AF1?
It’s more efficient but would travel slightly distances. It would also be lighter on the tax payer


Probably because a 777 hasn’t got the ‘presence’ of a 747-8. The President of the world’s best country needs to make an entrance, right?
Then I guess there’s the question of space… Having the hump on top allows for extra workers.
And don’t forget, it has to be American! Air Force One couldn’t possibly be an A380, even though that would be pretty impressive.


4 engines equals more back up systems. Plus the B747 is actually likely cheaper and more capable of having the necessary equipment on board.


Found out what the new livery is
It’s Basicly the same but it’s a dark shade of red white and blue with an American flag on the tail
(Happens to be I like it but it prob won’t get approved)
In a way I don’t want it to be approved bec the regular AF1 is very classy

I would love to see a new Air Force One livery especially with some red,white, and blue,because to me the two shades of blue look a little weird to me but I’m excited to see what livery will go on the b747-8 such beautiful machine.

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Adding to what @Chatta290 said, they have a pretty good configuration with the top floor being for coms, mission control, etc. and the 747-8 allows them to stick with that. The plane has so many extra redundancy’s, and extra protections that sacrificing the extra eingens was probably not what they wanted to do. As for the efficiency, the 747-8 is already pretty darn efficient, and light years better then the -200 They currently have.

Any changes this president decides upon, or signs off on, would be for a new airplane that will not be in service until years after the current president’s term ends.


Here r the options

  • Livery #1
  • Livery #2
  • Livery #3
  • Livery #4
  • Old livery

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So I’ve done some research, and I think this is very close to, if not the truth. When the Airforce put out a challenge of sorts for manufacturers it specifically listed three or more eingens, I can’t find the request for this version, but I’d imagine that was still a concern.

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To me that looks like the us airways livery on a 747-8


Does anybody see that 1 and 3 are the same and 2 and 4 are also
If someone sees a diff pls tell me


I see that’s there’s no difference at all between 1and 3 and 2 and 4

Idk it said trump made 4 livery’s…🤷‍♂️🤨

I think that it doesn’t new a whole new livery, but maybe a slightly more modern design, but not really changing too much. He’s not gonna be the only president to fly it.

The difference is the gray coloring on the bottom of the fuselage. Had to stare at my screen for a good while to figure it out though.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but to me, the new livery looks pretty good. However, I don’t see why the current one should be replaced…


Kinda reminds me of the old British Airways liveries (Landor and Negus). Looks nice though.


I Hear u
But I don’t like The fact that there moving away from the current livery

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