Air Force 1 at KATL

It’s not often we get to see this beauty in Atlanta. But when we do, we spotters unite! Our spot was at the Porsche Experience Center (you can also see the track in this video) just off the approach end of 26R where they landed. Full video below.


Donald Trump probably is going to a meeting in Atlanta


Very cool. See that bird all the time up in Andrew’s.


Wish I saw it all the time! First time I’ve ever seen it flying, and it blew my mind 🤯. Gorgeous.

I’ve always loved the AF1 livery, I hope they add it in IF someday…anyways great video and photo!

Joking about them adding it

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Thank you Mac, very cool!

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We have a whole plane for it bud…


I love that sound, the old 747 are probably amoungnthe best sounding planes in my opinion. The old low bypass, no regard for noise reduction eingens just produce such an authentic sound…


Like the 747-100 engine sound in FSX?

I don’t know, I’ve never played FSX

Like this?

The Pan Am Livery is one of my go-to’s in IF. Doesn’t get much more iconic that that

This is why I hate school

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