Air.expressjet | Brussels memorial flight @ EHAM - 261400ZMAR16

Server: ATC playground

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM-EBBR

Time: 1400Z


Please come in the Brussels a319 if possible, if not a Lufthansa or KLM. If you are part of the airline come using your assigned callsign anyone else come with what ever one you want.

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Will you post a flightplan?

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Maybe we may just let you fly what way you want

There will be no set flightplan but you can copy any off the AEJ pilots ones. @Joost3008

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its staring

I’m coming now!

hurry dude

What parking?

the event was fun

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I saw bee line 9 and tried to catch to you guys but there was loads of heavy traffic at EHAM that I couldn’t make it.

I think I saw you too

Sorry I couldn’t make it due to last minute arrangements. Also it has been postponed due to peoples devices crashing and board members not being able to make it.