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Air Europa Virtual was founded in February 2021, and continues to be Spain’s best virtual airline. Air Europa Virtual strives to give members a realistic, professional and enjoyable experience but also having fun at the same time. We strive to make sure pilots have the best experience here at Air Europa Virtual. Air Europa Virtual has many destinations to offer you with Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez being its main HUB. This brings unique destinations to pilots whether it’s short, medium or long haul. We are a caring, friendly and welcoming virtual airline and we look forward to you joining Air Europa Virtual!

Message From The Founder & CEO

Welcome to the Official Air Europa Virtual thread! Thank you for looking at our thread and seeing what we have to offer. I have created a caring. friendly and welcoming virtual airline and everyone is more than welcome to join Air Europa Virtual. We have a variety of routes and codeshares all around the world with a variety of aircraft. We love to engage with our pilots on a regular basis and we host a variety of group events each week. We also host an event with a codeshare partner each week and it is super fun! Spain is such a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and mountains. Thank you for reading this message and I look forward to you joining Air Europa Virtual.
Founder & CEO @MrJackT14

I’m happy to belong to Air Europa VA. There are hundreds of routes all over the world with other airlines if you want to explore other places around the world. I’ve been here since the beginning and I’ve met great people. We are always happy to help or laugh with others.
Don’t hesitate to join if you want to belong to one of the best VA’s in Infinite Flight.
COO - @DaniCP

Air Europa Virtual is the virtual airline for you if you’re seeking for a fun, interesting, active VA. Since the time I joined UXVA, I have been surrounded by pilots who are exceptionally kind, caring, and passionate. There is always someone there if you need assistance or just a passenger. The team puts on the best events and is always watching out for you! The extensive route network and the sense of camaraderie are my two favourite features. I’m beyond thrilled to be an UXVA member!
UXVA385 - @Quincey

More Testimonials

To start with, I would like to clarify that I have been to several VAs, all of which have offered me great service and many available routes, but with Air Europa I have had almost infinite routes and codeshares with a lot of VAs! Not to mention all the other routes of the week which are fun to do due to the fact that they give you more XP inside the VA. Jack and the staff have impressed me with how active they are and that every week of the year we have been able to enjoy the ROTW; They have always been available for everything and very sympathetic. This is a fantastic VA and I openly recommend it to everyone.
UXVA856 - @Lucaspi24

Air Europa VA is by far the best Virtual airline out there. They’ve got great and welcoming staff and, with them, you are always in the mood for a flight!
UXVA539 - @that_one.pilot

Meet the staff team!

@MrJackT14 - CEO
@DaniCP - COO
@_ServerNoob - Events Manager

You can get to know more about our staff here.

This is our ranking system which consists of 8 ranks. As you work your way through the ranks you will be able to unlock a variety of routes and aircraft.

Pilots can claim a 1.5x or 2x multiplier on the ROTW and it is based off the ATC schedule. This allows pilots to explore certain routes that they might not have unlocked yet.

The Air Europa fleet consists of the E195, B738, B788 and the B789.
Fun Fact: Air Europa used to use the A333 but they replaced them for the B787s.
Fun Fact: Air Europa was the first Spanish airline to incorporate a B787 Dreamliner into its fleet.

We have a very unique and diverse routes database.

There are many destinations for pilots to choose from whether its short, medium or long haul. Air Europa are well known for flying around Spain, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and The Americas. We have a route for you!

Fun Fact: Air Europa was the first international company to obtain a licence to operate domestic flights in Brazil.
Fun Fact: Air Europa was the first European airline to offer a direct connection between Honduras and Spain.

Air Europa Virtual is a proud member of the SkyTeam Alliance and there are many codeshares that we have to offer you.

We have a route for everyone at Air Europa Virtual.

Tap here to view all of our codeshare partners.

Codeshare Partners

LOT Polish Airlines
Qatar Virtual
Ethiopian Virtual
Indigo Virtual
Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual
Jet Airways Virtual
Turkish Airlines Virtual
Finnair Virtual
AirAsia Virtual
Air China Virtual
China Southern Virtual
Southwest Airlines Virtual
Airbus Virtual
Avianca Virtual
airBaltic Virtual
New Zealand Virtual
Lion Air Virtual
Cathay Pacific Virtual
Norwegian Air Virtual
Japan Airlines Virtual
Eurowings Virtual
DHL Virtual
Garuda Indonesia

At Air Europa Virtual we use Airtable for our Crew Centre. Pilots can view all of our routes and codeshares using Airtable. These can be accessed easily through the discord server.

Pilots can view their stats within the pilot database and it’s very easy to access.

At Air Europa Virtual we use Discord as the communications platform. It is a level 3 server which means each pilot has a rank badge beside there display name. There are also several bots that pilots can use to access information.

POTW - Pilot Of The Week

Each week the pilot that has filed the most PIREPs will be awarded POTW and it will also be posted on this thread and in the server so that there achievement can be recognised.
As well as this the pilot will be able to add an animated emoji to the discord server. They will also have the POTW role added to there display name within the server so other pilots know!

POTM - Pilot Of The Month

Each month the pilot that has filed the most PIREPs will be awarded POTM. This pilot will also have the POTM role added to there display name within the server so other pilots know about there achievement!
The POTM will be able to choose the next group event. To appreciate there work even more they will also be able to do any Air Europa or Codeshare routes for a whole day when they are awarded this award and claim a 2x multiplier on that day for all the routes they have done.


Be at least 13 years of age
Be grade 3 or above
You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
Have an IFC Account in good standing
Ability to access Discord

Application Process
  • Once you have submitted your application it should be approved by staff if you meet the criteria.
  • Once approved you will then receive the Air Europa Virtual Entrance Exam.
    Please Note: If you require any adjustments please send us a message so we can make the necessary adjustments for you.
  • Once you have completed the exam you will then be sent a message with your exam score. If you are successful then you will be invited to join our Discord Server.
  • When you have joined the Discord Server you will then get setup.

Thank you very much to @hass.ik for designing this amazing banners. He has done an amazing job and I really appreciate all the hard work he has done.
Thank you to the staff and pilots at Air Europa Virtual for boosting the server to a level 3 server. It is really appreciated.

Apply Now

Thank You for looking through our thread. We hope to see you join Air Europa Virtual soon!


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Thank you! Glad you like the thread👋

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U hit the spot with this thread Jack, Hope to see new pilots due to ur great work!.

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Awesome VA! We LUV our partnership with Air Europa Virtual!

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Southwest Virtual Airlines

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This is such a cool thread! Very happy to be partners with you.

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The thread looks great guys! Happy to be codeshare partners with yall!

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C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s on your new thread, it looks awesome. Wishing you guys strong tailwinds! Happy to have the codeshare partnership with you.

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Thank you, glad you like the partnership. Happy to be partners with your VA!

Thank you! Glad you like the thread and we also happy to be partners with your VA!

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Thank you! Happy to be partners with your VA👋


Air Europa Virtual Update

We are very happy to announce 2 new codeshares partners. We have now partnered with @DHLExpressVirtual & @Cargolux_VA

These new codeshare agreements bring some fantastic cargo destinations for pilots to explore around the world. We thank them for being partners with Air Europa Virtual.


Air Europa has a route for everyone.
Choose Your Destination


Happy to be codeshares with you all!


I’m always impressed by the quality of your thread too… In fact, we use a similar template now <3

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Thank you, I am glad that you like the thread!