Air Europa E195 (Updated Livery)

Hello IFC!

I am requesting the Air Europa E195 updated livery. This is such a unique livery and it looks brilliant. Air Europa offer routes to Africa, Europa, The Americas and The Middle East. They are Spain’s third largest airline. Infinite Flight already have the Air Europa E195 and B787-900 livery and this updated livery would look brilliant. The E195 does a lot of domestic flights throughout Spain, so it would be great for this livery to get an updated livery. Please if you have any votes please give this liberty a vote!

Aircraft Reg - EC-KXD
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No idea why I can’t like this but uhhhhh…
I really wanna see this livery but I’m out of votes so I might vote at a later date ;)

Np! It would be a great updated livery. I would really love to see this in IF😃

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It would be awesome to have this livery updated!

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That’s the Air Europa Express

This should be removed as E195 and E170 will go once the reworked E175 and E190 are out

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