Air Europa Boeing B787-8

Hey Everyone!

I am requesting the Air Europa B787-8 livery be added to Infinite Flight. This is such a simple but unique livery and it needs to be added. Air Europa offer routes to Africa, Europe, The Americas and The Middle East. They are Spain’s third largest airline.

Infinite Flight already have the Air Europa E195 and B789 livery and this would be a great addition to the liveries. Please if you have any votes please give this livery a vote!

Aircraft Reg - EC-MNS




I’ve got you! Would love to see this in game!

This should be on the next update!

Thank you, it would be a great addition right?!


Completely agree!👋

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if they did both Aeromexico 787-8 and 787-9, why not do the same with Air Europa? 😏

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The IF recently added the Air Europa B738 which is excellent! Hopefully they’ll add the B788 at some point, who knows?!

Voted, would be so happy if they add it

Thanks for voting mate!

This deserves more votes!😃

Would be nice if this livery was added!

If this livery was added, it would then complete the Air Europa fleet!👋

More votes?😃