Air Europa Boeing 737 MAX 8

Air Europa B38M


Air Europa is finally going to receive is first Boeing 737 MAX by the next month, being EC-OGS the first known registration of all the units to enter the fleet. Isn’t it a perfect combination with the 737-800?

I’m so happy you created a topic!

I was going to create a topic for the Air Europa B38M, but I wasn’t sure about the registration as they already changed 2 of the registrations.

Excellent topic, and I have voted!👋

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Thank you, as an employee of them I also would love to have this addition, such a fresh paint!

For your information, you can find the registrations of the fleet and future additions at: Login required |

I do use that website, but I didn’t notice that registration!😂

Here is a cool pic I found of one waiting patiently to be delivered

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The day that never arrived on time :( Was about to send that picture but then I found another from a test flight. Its also curious that flair airlines flew one of them without changing the livery.

Voted! We absolutely need this in the Max.


EC-NBV, re-registered to C-FLQZ as it was leased from BOC to Flair Airlines. The aircraft was ready for delivery but due to MAX crisis and Covid pandemic it remained grounded until Air Europa cancelled the order. After that they thought about it and ordered other 6 units. The first one already with Spanish known registration EC-OGS.

8 votes already!! Keep voting guys!!🎉

BTW, hey at LEBL ;)

Simple yet beautiful, can’t wait to fly this over Spain. (and of course Europe)

Edit: Voted!

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Bumping up!

Don’t forget to leave your vote if you would like to see this flying!

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Voted. A simple yet beautiful livery which needs attention!

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