Air Europa Boeing 737-800

Hello, this time I would like the request of the addition of this livery on the 737-800. I was planning a flight operated by Air Europa and I realised the airline has just 2 aircrafts on the sim and just 1 short range aircraft, so I think it would be nice to expand the fleet with the addition of the classic 737-800.

I made this topic because I searched a similar one before making this but it’s closed, so I think there’s no problem on making a new one…

Here I’ll leave a picture of the aircraft:

images (3)

Hey looks like that’s the Boeing MAX, if you could find a picture of the NG B737-800, that would work!

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Yeah, I just realized that, sorry 😂

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No problem, just trying to help!

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Unless you’re asking for Air Europa Express itself, feel free to vote here.

If not, please specify that it’s Air Europa Express to avoid confusion, thanks!