Air Europa B737-800 (SkyTeam Livery)

Hello IFC!

I am requesting the Air Europa B737-800 SkyTeam livery. This is such a unique livery and it looks brilliant. Air Europa offer routes to Africa, Europa, The Americas and The Middle East. They are Spain’s third largest airline. Infinite Flight already have the Air Europa E195 and B787-900 livery and this would be a great addition to the liveries. Please if you have any votes please give this liberty a vote!

Aircraft Reg - EC-LPC
Photo Credit -


What a great livery indeed! We are definitely in need of some SkyTeam liveries now that the AF77W SkyTeam was removed. What’s up with the white nose, though? 😂

It would be a great library! The other B737-800 topic got several votes but this livery just looks awesome.

Ikr! It definitely stands out lol

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I’ve now voted for this livery!

I agree, the plane is beautiful! 😍

I’m assuming the white nose is a spare nose cone painted in the normal Air Europa white 👍

It looks amazing right? Really hope it gets added!

Hoping the A330 gets added too when it is reworked.

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It gets even more beautiful thanks to the photo being taken at my home airport Munich 😍

Great livery, voted!

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Appreciate your votes, thank you!

Fancy adding this livery?

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Please add this livery!

Would love for this Air Europa livery to be added to IF!

Thanks for the voting @_ServerNoob 👋

Thanks for voting everyone!😃

Currently Air Europa only have then B789 and E195 livery within Infinite Flight.

It would be great to see the B737-800 livery added as this aircraft is used a lot for Air Europa short and medium hauls.

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Thanks everyone for voting!

It would make a difference between all this liverys


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