Air Emergencies

I know this belongs in features and unable to post in it so if someone could move it to features for me that’d be great

There’s been some talk for emergencies to make an appearance in game play. However, for Live that would be difficult to implement. However, Solo remains a wonderful area to implement this. For instance before a flight on Solo you have an option tab to choose the emergencies you wish to happen. This would really add an alternative for everyone when internet connection is not available (such as when you’re on a real life flight ;) ) I think it could be a great optional purchase for those who really want to test their flight skills.

I agree, that would be, what about global flight, like mabey anything can happen

You have to be a TL2 or above to post feature requests. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to move these types of posts anymore. :(

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your not supposed to move it for them if you read the lounge topic …

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Sorry, Can you navigate me to that topic please. :)

nice job ^^^

That’s a bummer. I guess I’ll have to move it in 2 days when I get there.

So do you mean that this is like a sort of missions?

Something like that, could have a scoring system like the Shuttle has on Solo.

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They removed the shuttle. What version are you playing?

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