AIR DRAKE visits Toronto | July 27th, 2019

Hello IFC! This was a day that will likely go down in my spotting history. I never thought in a million years I would catch this jet. I didn’t even know it was inbound either. I believe this is the first time it’s visited Toronto but don’t quote me on that, it’s YHM based. Drake was aboard the aircraft however I arrived at the parking area a bit too late to see him exit the aircraft.

This aircraft, N767CJ, is an ex-CargoJet Boeing 767-200ER. It even still sports the CargoJet logo. He parked up with many of the other private jets, mostly Cessnas, Gulfstreams, and Globals, but also a Comlux A330.

Shot on D7500 w/ Tamron 100-400 VC USD

This is my favorite shot of the three and possibly one of my all time favorites.

Here’s the arrrival. Unfortunately I was at the other runway so we had to rush over, but we didn’t make it. This shot was taken from the window of a moving car. All in all, I don’t really like the shot but it completes the trifecta and considering the circumstances I’m happy.

Here’s the departure. This plane was so incredibly light (the only people on board were the captain, F/O, and maybe a few others) and it was departing for Hamilton which is practically a 10 minute flight. After some poking around on Google Earth, I think he rotated and took off with just less than 3000 feet of runway.

Thanks for viewing this! Other shots from the day will be up soon.


@Damian get a private tour on this, then I’ll be impressed 😂


gOd’s pLaN lmao 😂
Nice shots!!


Out of all aircraft, why a 762? You would think he has a private 747 or something lol

Jokes aside, great pictures!


Great pics!


I can’t stand drake but that’s a really special catch. We don’t ever get any celebrity private jets here in Charlotte…


Slept through the flight, ayy
Knocked for the night, ayy, 767, man
This stuff got double bedroom, man
😂 nice catch lol


What did he get a private tour on???

I feel good sometimes I don’t ay yuh

As rich as he is, a private 747 brand new is probably a little out there

That’s what I thought about Toronto too until this came here

Haha thanks


He’s not even worth the cost of a private 767-200.


It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Great shots.

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Well, if you can buy an ex cargo 762, then convert it to the layout you want, leaving out all of the unnecessary things (like the amount of gold in Trump’s plane), then there’s no need to buy a private 762.


Yup, this thing isn’t brand new it’s 22 ish years old and converted from a freighter.

Thank you!

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Why can’t you?

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Nice shots there @xxFuryxx

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Didn’t Mark Hamil come to Charlotte recently? My brother is a Star Wars fan and Hamil is the actor of Luke skywalker

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I don’t think it’s his plane. From the looks of things cargo jet leases it to him or it’s some kind of sponsorship. He would need to a be a billionaire to run that thing

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Let’s not get into this it’ll get too heated

Thank you!

You’re half right. He didn’t exactly buy it from CargoJet, it’s more of a partnership hence why the CargoJet logo is still there. But it’s still his plane

Gotta say, painting a 23 year old plane is like putting lipstick on grandma. It’s only making something old look pretty for only a few more years. 😂 #TooFar? Don’t worry, it was #GodsPlan.


Wow. Nicely done lol


That means it’s cargo jets plane, looks nice none the less I guess. Just like leasing an aircraft, it’s not technically yours.

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