Air Dolomiti Launches New Livery

Hey everyone!

Today I bring the news to you that Air Dolomiti has launched a new livery!


Wait, what is Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional airline and a subsidiary of Lufthansa. They have codeshare agreements with Air China, All Nippon Airways, Lufthansa and United airlines. Their fleet consists of only the E-195.

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So, what changes were made?

Well, its old livery had swishes of various blue’s on the fuselage and the tail. Air Dolomiti has simplified it with their new livery.

  • The name Air Dolomiti is now more prominent and it appears without the carriers logo.

  • The logo now features on the winglets and below the cockpit.

  • The logo on the tail remians.

  • A more prominent mention of the Lufthansa group is on the fuselage.

Do you have a comparison?

Yes I do.

New Livery:


Old Livery:


What are your thoughts on the new air Dolomiti livery?

Thanks for having a look at this topic. See ya!

Where I got my information

PICTURES: Air Dolomiti unveils new livery on E195 | News | Flight Global


The old livery in my opinion looks nicer.


I agree. Their new livery is a lot like Lufthansa’s.


The old livery looks way better. Wonder why they updated it. Maybe they’re trying to go for the “simple is better” look, but I don’t think it works here.


The new livery is okay. I don’t like the old livery too too much with the squiggle all across the fuselage. I feel like if they kept the old tail, made the logo bigger, along with the mention of the Lufthansa group, that would be a great livery.

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Thanks for your opinions everyone!

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The old livery looks more vibrant. Still, not bad.

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The old livery looks good, it has more color making it look more pleasing to the eye, as there is more to see. Just like Cathay Pacific’s old livery, that now they’ve brought in the new one with less color, it’s looks more fresh and modern with minimal vibrant color to look at, the same goes for Air Dolomiti. They see to have gone for more clean and fresh look and I personally quite like it. I’m someone who’s all for new liveries no matter how bad it looks, and I especially like when airlines sometimes remove painting from certain parts or make the a lighter shade.

Some may say it lacks elegance or beauty now, with less color and it kinds looks standard 1950’s thingy and bland… well sure it looks a little old school at time but yet in my eyes, I find it nice that they made the tail all one color and removed the stripe/line that went across the fusalage. Although I very much like the stripe, looks very much alike stripe found on my home country’s national flag carrier, Biman Bangladesh’s livery but removing it on this particular livery, in my opinion doesn’t seem to be bad idea though. It does look a bit empty now but still fresh out of the box sort of, but hey could’ve kept the stripe at the nose, where it looks like a boomerang, arrow thing… I guess, haha 😅


Similar to what @MrMrMan said, I guess a mashup of the old and new livery would suit just a tad bit better. Maybe keep the old tail and only the keep the arc part of the wave. I like the placement of the text on the newer livery though and as many people mentioned, would make the test slightly bigger.

Of course since Air Dolomiti is a partner of Lufthansa, I’m not totally surprised they changed the logo. After all, I do interchangeably admire simple and more complex liveries.


Thanks for your opinion! That was very detailed!

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Well… Lufthansa does own them :)

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I wouldn’t be surprised if SWISS would also change their livery again in the near future. To me, it looks as if Lufthansa wants to bring all its airlines into a harmonized design. Austrian Airlines did something similar as well.


Neither would I. Thanks for your opinion!

It would be a tragedy if Swiss and changed their livery…

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I think it’s ok I mean its nice but nothing amazing lol

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I think the old one looks better, i have no idea why, i just think it is, thats my opinion :) ;) <3 <3

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