Air Dolomiti E195

Good day Pilots,

Today I am requesting the Airline/Livery „Air Dolomiti“ to the E195 because it looks amazing and would be awesome to have in IF.

About the Airline:

  • Operating base: MUC/EDDM

  • Location of head office: Verona, Italy

  • This Airline is owned by Lufthansa

  • Operate E190/E195 but mainly E195

This Photo is taken by me

I would be really thankful to get some votes
Anyway have a nice day,

Pilot M

There is already one open, however it hasnt any votes. Please, dont forget to shoot a PM to a moderator next time and ask him whether the other one can be closed or not:


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Oh thanks for telling me!

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You can simply flag it and a moderator will judge whether it can be closed or not.

Voted!! Great idea!!

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I hope this one stay open, what a great livery!

It will ;) The other was closed because his didnt have any information

Great! Once the Embraer rework is confirmed, i will vote:)

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Flew on exactly that plane a couple days ago. Awesome passenger comfort due to the wide cabin. Would be awesome to get this with a possible rework of the E-Jet family.

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Got my vote! What a great thing it would be flying this hopper around north Italy 🇮🇹

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Same here. I flew AirDolomiti last Saturday and Monday!😍😍😍 It was my 3rd and 4th time flying with them. The best Airline. What route did you fly?


This plane flies over my house quite often. Would be cool to see it in Infinite Flight.

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Is this airline new , where’s it baced at?

Look at top ;) and no its not new

Yea just saw that I’m so dumb ha ha!

They were founded in 1991.

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If just not seen it before so 😏

I would love to have this livery in IF. Last year, when I went to Milan, I took this airline and the E195 from Frankfurt to Milan and loved the flight. I think this airline is a key airline to Europe and a must need. Great Request

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Thanks!!!1 I would love to have more votes on this 😍👍🏻
I flew them 4 times already and love them!

BCN-MUC, the inbound was on Lufthansa Cityline‘s E195.