Air Dolomiti Callsign

I am here requesting the Air Dolomiti callsign to be added. I think @ Cameron is responsible for this, but I am not gonna tag him. Why do we need this?


Well, even though we don’t have the livery in the sim yet, Air Dolomiti is an important airline that needs to be added. Air Dolomiti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. It is based in Frankfurt and especially Munich (before the pandemic close to exclusively in Munich). From those airports, it operates flights to and from Italy, it’s origin, a bunch of those destinations being in the region of the Dolomites, hence the name. Furthermore it operates flights for Lufthansa all over Europe, which became a huge part of their operations in the pandemic.

Their fleet consists out of 15 E195, one of them painted in the Star Alliance livery. Additionally Lufthansa is giving them a total of 11 E190s and E195s. Air Dolomiti is the only subsidiary of Lufthansa which kept their brand identity (and isn’t in the sim :() even though acquired in 2003.

The callsign is DOLOMITI, the IATA code is EN and the ICAO code is DLA

YES THANK YOU! We definitely need Air Dolomiti :)

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Still a voter for your request 😎

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We’ve discussed internally and decided to no longer allow requests for airline callsigns without an existing livery in the app itself. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of callsigns we can dig up. This is not a great use of resources for a small team or precious votes.

The best way to see your desired callsign in-app is to support the feature request for the livery itself. Other requests similar to this will be closed as discovered over time. Thanks!