Air Do B767-300

Bump, with a question, if Air Do have 4 B767-300’s and 1 is in the below livery,

2 are in Pokémon liveries,



And the last is in the livery below,


Are they really special liveries? Or like the Juneyao B787-9 they just have different types?

All picture credits are above as these are just reused from the thread already.

Bumpy bump?

A cheeky little flying boy!

Picture credits for this magnificent specimen go to Atsushi Yoshioka

Cheekiest of the cheeky bumps?

Can we get 15 votes for this lovely livery?

Possible revival of the topic?

Can we get these stunning planes to 20 votes?

I have made a shocking discovery, the Eevee Air Do B767-0300 “liveries” I posted above are just one livery on either side of the same plane… I do not know whether this makes me like it more or less…

Credit for the picture goes to KNAviation

Alright it has been a hot second, lets give this a little bump and hope we can get to 20 votes!

would love to see for this more domestic routes in japan!

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Absolutely, it would really open up domestic flying in Japan!

I believe given the number of liveries equals about 1 for each of their B767’s which would you prefer to see as I assume it would be seen as similar to the Juneyao B787.

Which livery would you want to see added?

  • Eevee Livery
  • Classic (Waved Blue and Yellow Stripes) Livery
  • Retro Livery
  • Hokkaido Jet (Bear, Owl & Fox) Livery
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