Air Do B767-300

Air Do is a regional Japanese airline based out of Hokkaido. Originally named Hokkaido International Airlines it operates scheduled flights connecting the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu, with hubs in both Sapporo (New Chitose Airport - RJCC) and Tokyo (Haneda Airport - RJTT). The airline changed its name in 2012 to Air Do. The airline is directly is majority owned by the Development Bank of Japan and All Nippon Airways after the investment fund that used to own Air Do dissolved in 2008 leaving these two companies majority stakeholders.

I think this livery is really nice to look at and will open up a lot more routes to Hokkaido in IF as well as diversifying the B767-300 which is currently very much populated with liveries that are majority from the US. Out of the airlines fleet of 12 aircraft the B767-300 accounts for 4 of those, the remaining being B737-700’s.

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Cheeky little bump with one of their Pokémon liveries.

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You got my vote.

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actually been on Air Do on one of the flights from Hakodate-Tokyo

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Thank you for the vote!

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Oh very nice, was that on their B737 or their B767? Also how was their service, last time I was in Japan I flew Japan Airlines cause of miles but their fares were pretty good!

Cheekiest of bumps with their other Pokémon livery.

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If you want to see this lovely livery in the sim as much as I do go throw a vote on its B737 version as well!

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Have a look at another one of Air Do’s special liveries!

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Cheeky little bump with a throwback to Air Do’s old livery!

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No votes but I love it. Japanese Airlines’s 767’s is one of the key liveries IF is missing.

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No worries, thanks for the support nevertheless! If a vote frees up, feel free to consider!

This is one of the best 767 liveries imo out there!


Agreed, it is a shame we can not request special liveries or else I would definitely be requesting the Pokémon liveries!

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Can we get this beautiful livery to 10 votes?

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